Seatbelt Extensions Seat Belt Extenders
to suit imported cars

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This Seatbelt extension is designed to fit all cars that have the above type
seat belts with a 25mm male head.

This extender will fit the rear seats of many imported vehicles.
Watch the video below!!!!

Seatbelt King does have an option to overcome the centre rear seat so please contact us.

Extension Belt - For when you need that little extra space.
Seat Belt Extension Strap -- ideal for child booster seat or the larger person.
If you travel keep one handy for use in all Ford and Holden taxis!!
25mm Seatbelt Extender

Specifically designed for use in vehicles with pyrotechnic seatbelt pre-tensioners.

EMAIL me for specific vehicle models.


Watch a video of the Seat Belt extension in action

The seat belt extension can be used in a large number of cars in both front and rear seats. Ideal for the larger occupant where the existing belt is not long enough and when installing a child seat or capsule.  Added length makes easier to buckle kids in as you don't have to lean over as much.

Can be carried from car to car and is ideal for use in Taxi's and hire vehicles.

The Seat Belt Extension adds around 20cm or 200mm  to the seatbelts overall length.

Fitting is easy as the belt simply clicks into the existing seat belt and buckle and fits most Australian cars made over the last 8 years.

The Seat Belt extension meets regulations relevant to passenger vehicles in Australia, the United States and the EU

All products supplied meet Australian Design Regulations and conforms to safety specifications as follows: AS/ 2596, ISO 6683, SAE J386 and FMVSS 302

These Extensions are NOT CHEAP IMPORTS but are designed, manufactured and tested to Australian Standard 2596 here in Australia

It will suit most vehicles made in Australia, including Selected Model Holden, FORD, Toyota and Mitsubishi.

It will also be compatible with imported vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Skoda and SAAB

Contact me for specific vehicle models!!







It will suit most Japanese delievered vehicles including Subaru and Toyota

It will also be compatible with imported vehicles.

Contact me for specific vehicle models!!


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25mm Seatbelt Extender


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